Bitterness !

Ok, so I’m trying to get over it but it still hurts..

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I’m referring to chelsea’s elimination from the champions league tonight by Inter. Let’s talk a little bit about the game. I’ll try to provide an objective analysis. Inter was impressive. Overall, they dominated us tactically in both halves. They did us exactly how we did Arsenal. They out-muscled us in defense, broke up our plays in the midfield, and even managed to score a non required goal toward the end of the game. I have to say Inter was tactically brilliant, they showed Mourinho at his best. Enough about Inter, let’s talk about chelsea. Let’s look at the problems first:

Our full backs were never allowed to get involved in the attacking game, Inter kept enough pressure on them to keep them at the back, mainly through Maicon and Etoo. Same thing happened to Ballack, and Lampard. Although, Lampard was busy with defensive duties but managed to pull a few strings and distribute the ball well when allowed to join the attack. Ballack was inexistent offensively. Chelsea never made anything happen from the right hand side, so if Malouda was beaten on the left, then the attack was broken up. BTW, we reallyyyy need a skillful player on the right side, Ballack is done. Drogba and Anelka tried but were never left alone by Inter’s defense who through bodies at them all night.

Let’s talk about the positives: Malouda carried in with his good form. He was not as effective with his crosses as against West-Ham, but was effective cutting from the left into the axis and distributing the ball; he was Chelsea’s main threat. Mikel is finally showing what he can be. He was key in protecting, recovering and distributing the ball. His passing was accurate, I can’t recall him turning the ball over at any time. Ancelotti is having him play further up the field week after week. Once he masters the art of the deep lying playmaking position, Chelsea’s  play will be even more fluid and attractive. There you go, a few things to look forward to as we try to put this night behind us.


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