Blackburn … simply unacceptable

If you’re a Chelsea fan, this really was a bad week for you. Elimination from the Champions league, followed by a draw against blackburn while both Arsenal and Man U won their games. To make it worse, Arsenal won with  10 players vs 11 against West Ham, and ManU won against Liverpool. How did Chelsea look against blackburn? well, we started the game pretty well. I liked the fact that Ancelotti took Ballack out of the team today, and tried something new. However, I would have given a youngster like Matic who is a versatile midfielder a chance in midfield rather than playing Kalou (a striker)  there. I also think he did well to try playing 2 strikers upfront, and keeping Anelka along side Drogba rather than isolating him on the right wing where he just disappears from the game. This move paid off with Anelka creating a chance and Drogba applying the finishing touch. After our early lead, we dominated the game but didn’t create that many chances. We lost that killer instinct we used to have in the first part of the season. The most concerning to me is that after we conceded a goal in second half, we had 20 mn to react and .. nothing !! we created one lousy real chance, via Drogba. That’s unacceptable, after the non reaction against Inter in CL, I thought for sure we would show some fighting spirit this time if we fell behind but nope, nothing. I’ve been a big Ancelotti supporter so far but he is disappointing with his inability to try new things to change the course of a game. His reaction after going down a goal, bringing on Deco. Deco will slow things down in the middle, he can hold the ball, and make nice passes every once in a while, but that’s it. With the form he’s shown, you don’t want this guy on the field when you go down one goal. Then he brings in Sturridge at the 90th minute. Sure “Sturr, I want you to get there and score on your first touch, because that’s all you will get before the final whistle. Good luck !”  Once again this shows the lack of quality offensively, our bench is overrated, and now even some of our starters are overrated as well. For the last time, Lampard CAN’T play at the top of the diamond. Ancelotti should have thrown in somebody like Kakuta instead of Deco, that would have been a better choice in this situation, and Sturridge should have come in earlier for Anelka or Kalou. Hopefully I’m wrong, but I think that we won’t win the title this year. We are unable to react after such a blow in CL, we show no character after going down against freaking blackburn out of all teams (no offense blackburn fans) and our coach seems to be making the wrong decisions when we need him to influence the course of the game. I think next game he will bring at least one of the youngsters to the starting line up because he definitely needs to try something new. And yes add to my worries  that Man U seems to finally be blowing all engines.. yeah won’t happen this year. (I hope I eat my words at the end of the season!)


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