Ancelotti 3 – Fergie 0

I wonder how defeat tastes in HD ..

What a game for chelsea fans! my heart is till racing as I’m typing this following Chelsea’s 2-1 victory over ManU at Old Trafford. Malouda was voted man of the match, and though I agree he was the best player on the pitch (as I had tipped him to be), Ancelotti is the man of the match in my opinion. This is the 3rd Chelsea vs ManU game of the Ancelotti era, and the score line is now Carlo 3 – Fergie 0. Just like Inter beat us on tactics, we just did the same to ManU. I’ll admit, I thought Carlo got it wrong when I saw Drogba on the bench. I understand that he wanted to keep the lineup identical to the one that beat Aston Villa last weekend, and who can blame him for that after such a nice display. I still thought Drogba had to start the game; he usually scores in big games, and boy was this a big game ! Anelka on the other hand does well against weaker opposition but usually doesn’t play well against big teams. By starting Anelka, Carlo was seeking a more fluid type of play, similar to the display against Villa. Drogba on the bench meant no target man, so avoid focusing on long balls trying to find him upfront. Instead build plays from the back , and control the game, especially in midfield. This is exactly what Chelsea did. Malouda deserved his man of the match award. His powerful drive which led to the goal back heeled by Joe Cole in first half was exceptional. His form will prove vital for the title challenge. In second half when ManU started pressing higher and stronger, Carlo brought in Drogba for Anelka and Kalou for Cole. He injected pace in Kalou and power in Drogba. He switched the play to be more compact at the back and push the ball the the Ivorian target man on the counter to finish off ManU. That’s exactly what happened. Joe Cole will also be pleased with his performance; he had a strong game. Not only did he score the first goal, he displayed nice range of passing and showed up for defensive duties as well. I still believe he should be offloaded at the end of the season and replaced for a more consistent winger, but he surely made a case for a new contract on Saturday. Another key player in this game was Mikel. He is not extravagant but does what he does really well. He spent all morning breaking up plays. He has greatly reduced his number of lost balls per game, which is making him a better player game after game. Finally what else can we say about Lampard’s vlaue to this club? after scoring 4 goals against Villa and showing his attacking abilities, the man played the whole game against ManU pretty much as a defending midfielder operating on the left side. He allowed Malouda and Zhirkov to play higher up by providing them cover.

Sir Alex can complain all he wants about Drogba’s goal being offside (he surely was offside!), young sub Frederico Macheda’s goal was handled into the nets, so both Chelsea and ManU have been cheated. The fact of the matter is Chelsea was the better team, Alex was outclassed on and off the field by his opponent.

This was a really nice display by the blues, and once again hats off to Carlo.

Chelsea controlled most of the game as Carlo wanted



  1. blueboy

    Nice article! I agree that Carlo got his tactics right for once. Hope he keeps it up. I’ve been checking out your blog recently, nice job man, keep it coming !

  2. soccerCrave

    Thanks blueboy. I actually have confidence in Carlo. I think he is a good tactician, but will need time to make this team his own. He needs a few seasons to get the players he wants to fit the plays he has in mind. We Chelsea fans will need to be patient, within 3 years I believe he will win the CL.

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