Not glorious but 3 points will do

Not very much to say about this game. This was not a good display by Chelsea, but at least they seem to have regained solidity at the back. From the beginning of the game you could tell Chelsea would enjoy most of the possession but lacked some punch to their play. I was relieved to see Anelka head Drogba’s beautiful cross into the nets in first half, after 42 mn on the board. These 2 can play together but have to work in a certain way to do it. When They exchange sporadically the central striker position, their duo works out very well. One of them has to drop back or out wide while the other cuts as central forward. Usually Anelka is the only one to do that, but when Drogba does it as well (as he did on this goal), their partnership works much better. I thought Bolton was threatening until the end, although Chelsea’s defense did very well to contain them. Yuri Zhirkov was my man of the match by far. He has been solid defensively so far, but finally showed is starting to show more and more of his attacking football as well. The main piece of his game to work on is his crossing; more specifically his timing for crossing. He is too predictable when crossing in front of a defender, so his first time crosses tend to get deflected away very easily by defenders. He will be a greater threat once he improves in this area. I also thought Joe Cole looked very lively, but still rusty in front of the goals. Hopefully he will get better with more games. Cole should start instead of Kalou who has been disappointing when in the starting 11, but proved to be a greater threat as a sub. Ballack on the other hand was good defensively but invisible offensively; he’s another one who should feature as a sub and bring his experience to help the team manage a lead. Finally, Bolton’s penalty appeal in 1st half against Drogba was justified, they should have had it, but the one against Terry in second half is absurd. Not only the ball hit between his chest and shoulder, but you can also see on the replay that he moved his arm away from the ball and back toward his body, so any potential hand ball would have been totally involuntary with a ball to hand motion rather than the other way around. And that’s not supposed to be sanctioned by a penalty.


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