Party time!!!

Heeellllllllllllllllll Yeah !!!!!! This is even sweater than the last time around (2006).  The trophy is finally back where it belongs after 4 long years of  pain…

First I’m ecstatic about Chelsea winning the league, but what a way to do it! trashing Wingan 8-0 (Remember they beat us at the DW), and plus Drogba ends up golden boot! could this be any sweeter? looking back at the whole season, I have to say kudos to Ancelotti. I didn’t agree with all his moves but he did a lot of things right. His calmness and patience were key. When he came in at the beginning of the season, instead of spending big and going after all the big names he was tipped to, he decided to work with what he had and reassess at the end of the season. In January, when he everybody said he would look for a striker replacement for Drogba away at the African cup of nations, he remained calm again and said the team had enough quality to cope, and he was spot on again. Really, his only faux-pas was in the champions league, and there let’s say it, Mourinho was just better tactically, and the Inter team was also better than the Chelsea team on the field. That is the only worry for the season to come, Chelsea’s current squad might be good enough to make history domestically this season, and may win again next season, but this team ain’t good enough to win the champions league against teams like Inter and Barcelona or Madrid (expect them to be much better next season after their superstars start gelling together). If Chelsea is to win the CL next season (make no mistake, this will be priority Number 1) then yes they need some changes. I like Carlo’s approach to bring more dynamism to the squad via the kids from the academy, but he will need at least 1 world class signing who can really make a difference right away. Depending on how much he wants to spend, this could be a player like Aguero or Van Der Vaart.

Anyway, for now, let’s go back to celebrating! the most exciting about this wonderful season is the way Chelsea did it. The team played some great attacking football as shown by the numbers (103 goals). Mourinho’s team was always powerful, dominant, but rarely exciting. Carlo managed to bring that to the picture, and of course in the process lost a bit of that invincible character the team had in the Mourinho days, because attacking football creates more chances to get hit at the back. However, after addressing set-piece issues and positioning on the field in January, Carlo has turned his squad back into a dominant, yet exciting team. Chelsea looked like Arsenal at times, except they actually one something !


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