Chelsea Summer Transfer Activity – Aguero & Javi Martinez

They’ve done it. Simply put, Chelsea has completely dominated the Premier League this year, by beating each one of their top 4 opponents twice, and registering the EPL/FA CUP double. Not bad for a first year in charge Sir Carlo. Now that this is behind them, Chelsea is being linked with all the players ever to be seen on a football pitch. There is no doubt that they will buy in the summer, but with Carlo not being the “big spender” type, who is likely to make it to Chelsea, and more importantly, who do they need?

Carlo Ancelotti has made it clear he will rely quite a bit on promoting from the academy to rejuvenate his side. Who can blame him for that when you look at players such as Kakuta, Bruma, Matic, etc. These kids look bright and paired with the current experienced squad, they will do well. Chelsea still needs to buy at least 2 key players. Number one, they need a creative forward. A player who can dribble, is fast, can pass, shoot, basically the modern forward player. However, they don’t need another target man or finisher type striker. They have that in Drogba and Anelka (at times). Against Inter, they were so predictable, they needed a spark coming from a special player who could do something out of the ordinary, but the team does not possess that today. This is the weakness Scolari had spotted in the side when he first took charge and that’s the only thing he got right..

Second, they need a box to box midfield player. This should be an attack  minded midfielder with great passing range, strong on the ball and physical abilities to break up plays as well as setup his strikers. Sounds a lot like Lampard doesn’t it? the difference here is this player should have better dribbling skills (more like Sneider than Lampard).

My personal choice for these 2 players would be Angel Di Maria and Marek Hamsik; however Di Maria is more likely to go to Madrid and Hamsik will stay in Italy. 2 players who fit these descriptions and are reachable targets for Chelsea are Sergio Aguero and Javi Martinez (Athelitico Bilbao). Aguero would bring the unexpected factor, dynamism and excitement Chelsea has lacked in recent years. With a player like Javi Martinez who can play anywhere in midfield (like Lampard), but has better dribbling skills and younger legs than Lampard, Chelsea would be much less predictable. Check out this goal by Javi Martinez in case you have not heard of him:

Both of these players combined could cost less money than Torres by himself, and would bring much more value than Torres alone, even though I tip him to be the best striker in the world if/when he regains constant fitness.

As for players who need to go, Belletti, Deco, Ferreira, Joe Cole should be offloaded. The team has enough depth to cover each one of their position. Ballack should remain if he accepts a pay cut. The team can use his experience to hold on to a lead in the last minutes of key games. Carvalho should also stay for at least one more season. He is more dynamic and more assured than Alex. Alex seems too slow and undisciplined at times, I don’t see him being Terry’s long term partner. Kalou is another one to hold on to. The way he’s played recently, he showed he has something to offer if selected consistently. Next season should be a make or break season for him.


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