Chelsea Transfer Rumours: Ozil, Silva, Ramos

Chelsea is being linked to a number of players this summer, but eh … what else is new? At this point, the names that seem to be buzzing the most with regards to Chelsea are Ozil, David Silva and Sergio Ramos. Of course that may and probably will change tomorrow, but let’s look at if these moves are any likely or desired.

 As I’ve stated in recent posts, I believe what Chelsea needs the most is number 1: a creative midfielder, and number 2: a versatile forward, skilled and proven forward able to setup and score goals either playing on the right wing, or partnering up the Drog in the center. Now, let’s review the potential signings:

Sergio Ramos: One of the finest right backs in world football at this point. Excellent with his attacking football, strong defensively as well, but could work a little harder on the latter part of his game. He also offers versatility as he can also play center back. Chelsea could definitely use Ramos. If he was truly to come in, Chelsea could sell Alex or Carvalho, slot Ivanovic back into his preferred center back position, and raise some funds by selling Bosingwa as well. The only problem is he won’t come cheap. Ramos will cost way too much money for a postion that is already pretty well covered by Brasna and Bosingwa (coming back from injury). True that with Ramos and Cole on each side, Chelsea would gain and extra dimmension, but there are other areas in the team that more attention that the right back position.

Ozil: I only found out about this kid recently, during preparation games for the world cup. I watched him play a coupld of friendlies and I have to say that Ozil, Schweinsteiger and Cacau are the reasons why I think Germany have one of the best generations in German football history. Ozil has a silky touch on the ball and amazing vision for a 21yr old. He possesses the exact type of skills Chelsea need in midfield. The blues have one of the strongest midfields in Europe with Lampard, Essien and Mikel. What the team needs is a player like Ozil who can conduct plays from midfield but also run at defenses to unlock some of the tight games Chelsea will be in next season. Ozill will command a reasonable price as well, so if available, definitely would be a good buy for Chelsea.

David Silva: David Silva is one of the finest wingers right now. He is able to play on either wing, or behind strikers. He is also able to join the attack from midfield, so he would supply the creativity and versatility Chelsea is looking for. Looks like Silva is weighing up a move to City or Chelsea, but given his pedigree, I would think that he would be tempted by London over City, as the blues will offer him CL football and a stronger shot at domestic titles.

Silva and Ozil are the type of players Chelsea need. However, I personally think that the player which best matches Chelsea’s needs upfront is Sergio Aguero. He provides the versatility, youth, exitement, creativity and goal scoring threat the  blues are seeking. Bringing Sergio Aguero and Ozil would make Chelsea the team to beat on all fronts.


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