Back in Business !!!


Hello people!

Sorry I’ve been away for this long, but guess what? I’m back now!

Where should I start? Well maybe with the recent activities and news surrounding Chelsea FC. For once in the past 3 years, I was delighted with the club’s recent transfer policy. Chelsea dipped very early into the market, got their main target in Eden Hazard, and allowed him to gel with the current squad during pre-season. If I had to pick a single player to reinforce the squad over the summer, it would’ve been exactly him: Eden Hazard.

Last year’s team was terribly lacking in flair and pace; Eden Hazard brings just that. I watched him grow into the player he currently is, making headlines at Lille over the past 3 seasons. I used to watch Lille play as much as possible, just in order to appreciate Hazard’s performances, and I’m delighted Chelsea were able to get him this summer.

The club also got Marko Marin, Oscar, and Victor Moses. All 3 are welcome additions to the squad. Marin and Moses will both provide the natural width the blues have been lacking, while Oscar will bring something   I quite frankly think the club has never had in the Abrahamovic era. He will allow the team to improve in possession and attempt dictating the tempo of the game from the midfield area.

I am pumped for the new season!


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